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Vous trouverez ici une sélection de compositions “inédites” pour Big Band, écrites par Stan Laferrière. Le catalogue complet est disponible sur simple demande. Sur demande également, les catalogues pour petites formations et pour vocal.
Les arrangements sont envoyés avec scores (en ut) et copies transposées (copie manuscrite). Tous les morceaux sont à 50€ l’unité (scores et copies) frais d’envoi en sus. Des réductions sont possibles pour une commande supérieure à 10 morceaux. Règlement par chèque ou Paypal.

Stan propose également des master class tous niveaux pour votre Big band.

Pour toute commande ou question:

You’ll find here a selection of “unpublished” Big Band compositions, wroted by Stan Laferrière. You can ask for the complete Big Band listing and also for the small bands & vocal listings. Arrangements will be shipped, scores (ut) and charts (most of the time handmade)
Any arrangement price is 50€ each (scores & charts) non-including shipping. Price can be reduced for an order of more than ten pieces.
International payment only via Paypal.

For any order or question:

Compositions Originales pour Big Band/ Original big band compositions by Stan Laferrière

Original program composed for the Vintage Orchestra 2005
What season? (short intro)
We are (médium fast swing)
She came with the wind (méd.swing piano feature)
Here comes April (3/4 médium)
I will (médium soft latin)
Over clouds (very soft ballad) (Clar basse, 2 clar, Flûte, soprano sax.) dedicated to       Maria Schneider
Weatherman (soft funky ballad) (Tb solo feature) dedicated to Bob Brookmeyer
What a sun! (punchy latin)
M.T 2001 (médium swing) (free variations on « In a Mellowtone »sequences) dedicated to Duke Ellington
Recorded in 2005 by the” Vintage Orchestra” in « WEATHERMAN »

To Duke with love
Original suite dedicated to Duke Ellington in 7 parts, recorded by   Gérard Badini super swing machine in 2000 and created at RADIO France. (50mn)

1.   Merci Mr Debussy

2.   From Washington to Monfort l’Amaury

 3.   Jumpin’ at sugar hill

4.   No full no swing

5.   Blue clouds

6.   Ballad for swee’ pea

7.   Toward the flame

Local time* (fast swing minor blues)

Ces quelques fleurs* (ballad) (Tb solo feature)

Born to be bones* (med.swing) (Tb bass feature, Tb tutti)(sop;2 altos;2 tenors)

* Recorded in 2006 by the French Air army big band in « BIRTH OF THE AIR BAND »

 Patriotic Air suite* (4 parts suite composed in 2007 for the French air army big band)
 Very free variations on French anthem « La Marseillaise » and army calls (45mn)

1. Be proud (very fast, short introduction)
2. Hymn spirit (medium swing)
3. Flag on the roof (1 clarinet, 1 flute, 3 sop./to 5 sopranos./to 2alt.2ten.baritone) ballad, to soft latin to 3/4
4. Air Jedis (2 sopranos, 2 altos, 1 ténor) méd/fast latin

Blues attitude *(médium swing-binaire blues)
* Recorded in 2012 by the French air army big band in “Air suite”

Draw me a sheep To A.De St Exupéry (fast swing anatole) (soprano lead)
P.38 deep in the sea To A.De St Exupéry (soft bossa) flugelhorn 3 feature (baritone plays optional G flute)

Patouchamontoche ougaratacaboche (binaire funky) (2nd ténor sax feature)
Climberman (ballad) (tenor sax 1 feature)

“Flight” me to the “case” a night in Air’s music room (baritone sax feature) méd.swing (Thad Jones tribute)

A song (soft latin) (soprano lead, baritone even plays bass.clarinet)

Candyfloss (médium ¾ swing) Featuring TP5

Borah! Borah! (fast swing) Featuring TP5 and Drums

The Manneken-piece (méd.swing to ballad to fast latin) Featuring TP5 and Alto/soprano 1

Mo. & So. (walking bluesy ballad) featuring Ténor sax guest